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Our first year, upto Mar 2019, we achieved a few milestones.

Served 58.5K+ B2B2C customers , of B2B customers spread over 20+ different cities in 3 states of India , within 500Km+ circle , transactions worth ₹21.735Cr+ done , serving ₹5.95L+ worth of average invoices per day , 2.25L+ spare parts sold , 3.67K+ automobiles sold , 55.5K+ invoices served , 33K+ unique spare parts listed , automobiles worth ₹17.675Cr+ sold , aftermarket service turnover worth ₹3.817Cr+ done , ₹22.64Cr+ worth of automobiles in stock , ₹55Cr+ worth of spares in stock , average 4+ new B2B customers onboard /week /salesman , Channel Partner Network active in 3 cities & growing rapidly , 2 years to achieve one target - #Mission10Lakh

What we absolutely cherish, are smiling customers!
#Mission10Lakh by 2020 aims to enrich lives & business of 10Lakh smiling B2B customers

ToolBelt Channel Partner Network
Tier I, II, III, IV cities


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