Workshop & Showroom Management (SaaS)

Repair & service workshops
360° pulse of your business in your hands

Dashboard. 360 vision of your business

Still calling your manager to know sales?

ToolBelt gives pulse of your entire business on your fingertips.

Sales, collections, stock, balances, receivables, payables and everything else.

One simple click.

Accept payments, anytime, anywhere

Faster payments. No card machine.

NEFT, cards, UPI, wallets. Because we understand that on-time payments are the backbone of your successful business. ToolBelt gives the power in your hands to receive payments anywhere, anytime, digitally, even from mobile!

Easy EMI

Allow customers to pay bills in EMI

Because your growing business needs quick payments. You get paid in full. Customer pays EMI to the bank. ToolBelt payment system has a built-in EMI option. Allow your customers to pay in easy EMI at their convenience. Because you must get paid on time and keep the customer happy too.

One click SMS

Send SMS to all customers in just one click. Super easy.

Because informed customer is repeating customer. Keep your customer informed automatically through the built-in SMS system. Jobcard, invoice, receipt or any other transactions, customer gets SMS notification.

What's even better? At just one touch, send bulk SMS for greetings, holidays, offers, promotions, service camps and more...

GST ready

No more GST tensions

ToolBelt gives you peace of mind for GST needs. Automatic CGST/IGST, Automatic calculation of 18%, 28%, ... Flexibility of Price + GST or GST within price.

Simply view, print or export (XLS) reports for your accountant/CA.

No tension for you. Super easy. No extra steps.

Smart stock. Anytime.

No need to temporarily close the business for stock counting.

ToolBelt stock smart audit is the ultimate solution you always wanted.

Just check any item in the stock and record the audit count. Done! No more steps.

Exchange goods

Do you give exchange offers to customers?

Because customers love exchange offers. You collect materials & goods during these exchange offers.

Now manage everything at your fingertips. Exchange stock, refurbishing, re-sell, payouts, collections and everything else you need to tap the hidden potential in exchange materials.

Insurance simplified

New insurance, automatic reminders, renewals

Because insurance is very important part of your business. Your customers need reminders to keep themselves protected. Renewals on-time keep them safe.

Help your customers in keeping themselves safe & secure.

Use 100% from mobile

No computer needed. Run your entire business from mobile

Because ToolBelt allows you to work from a laptop, desktop, tablet PC or just mobile! No need for a computer to run your business. Freedom to work from any device, anywhere.

Using 4G hotspot? No problem!

Now, slow internet speeds cannot stop you

Because you do not need DSL to run ToolBelt. Mobile network, 4G or DSL. ToolBelt is designed with optimum performance on any network, any speed, any connection. Because we want you to keep focus on your business.

100% customised for you, FREE

Ask everything & anything that your business needs. Anytime. 365 days.

Because you know the business best. ToolBelt gives the power of unlimited and FREE customization in your hands. Ask us to enhance anything. It's FREE!

Additional modules. FREE. Additional reports. FREE

Anything and everything that you need to run your business. Unlimited & FREE.

Unlimited storage

Unlimited transactions. Unlimited data. Unlimited happiness.

Because you are born to do business, not take backups. ToolBelt allows unlimited trasnactions. Keeps unlimtied data. No backups needed. No need to take prints to store. No tension of sifting through old papers. Just start using ToolBelt today and get everything at your fingertips. Anywhere. Anytime. Unlimited.

Quick & fast training. FREE.

Save Lakhs in training cost.

In just 30 minutes, your billing counter is all smiles

Because 30 minutes is all you need to get started on ToolBelt. If the operator knows how to use a computer, they can start using ToolBelt too. ToolBelt is designed with simplicity in mind. Operators in your workshop will fall in love with it for intuitive interfaces.

100% FREE training.

Secure & safe

No tension about safety of your data anymore

No tension. No worry. Simply trustable.

ToolBelt is designed secure, safe and certified. A+ secure. Right from the ground up. We are certified A+ by ssllabs.

Unlimited updates. Always fresh.

Never pay for modules again. You deserve everything.

ToolBelt is always fresh, always up-to-date, always latest. Updates are released every week. We work every day to keep it fresh for you. You can also ask anything you need. No additional cost.

Absolutely FREE!

Any language! हिंदी, ಕನ್ನಡ್, বাংলা, ...

Hire local operators. Save cost.

Because you think, act, speak and live your mother tongue. ToolBelt works in any language around the world.

Be fluent. Be natural. Be yourself!

No need to hire English speaking operators. Hire locals. Save cost.

Send invoices in local languages to customers. Make them happy.

Stop losses & leakage!

Just scan to verify anything instantly. QR code built in everything.

Use mobile phone to run your business more efficiently. ToolBelt has fully integrated built-in QR code for all transactions. Be smart. Be future ready.

Reach your customer at their doorstep, raise invoice, get paid. All, in a snap!

Work faster!

Make invoice in less than 10 seconds. Yes, that fast!

Ask for a demo. We will show you.

ToolBelt is optimized for speed & efficiency. Your work is always quick. No customers waiting in the queues. No delays. Quick service and happy smiling customers.

No virus!

No tension of OS crash, disk crash, corrupted files

ToolBelt uses virus-FREE technology. Your data is safely on the cloud.

Your laptop crashed? Just start with a new one. Disk crashed? Just start with another computer, or even mobile.

Non-stop service to customer. Nothing can stop you.

Your success & growth, matters to us!

Futuristic B2B SaaS cloud for repair & service MSME

If you have any of the following business, you should run ToolBelt to boost your business growth

car dealers workshops bike dealers automobile customs shops automobile accessories shops car body shop car wash electronic goods shops household appliances shops laptop repair shop mobile repair shop car care parts reseller used car reseller used bike reseller electronics repair shops farm equipment dealers sports equipment & supplies shops plumbers electricians mechanics traders wholesellers retailers delivery hubs


Showrooms, Street shops, doorstep and online services.

  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Receipts
  • Payments
  • Debit Notes
  • Credit Notes
  • Receivables
  • Payables
  • GST & taxes
  • Business Reports
  • Analytics
  • more...

Complete business features with invoicing, accounting, inventory, collections, customers and everything else rolled into ToolBelt.

Simple to use, easy and fast solution.


Workshops, repair shops, assembly, components, trading, logistics.

  • Jobcards
  • Invoices
  • Estimates
  • Insurance claims
  • Warranty claims
  • Customer history
  • Product service records
  • Integrated Payments
  • Integrated SMS & notifications
  • Mobile apps
  • Loyalty programs
  • Reminders, notices, alerts
  • more...

ToolBelt redefines customer service to a whole new level. Engaged, connected and loyal cusotmer following that are happy and stay happy.


Any workshop that repair any mechnical, electrical, electronic or any other machinery that required spare parts.

  • Spare parts catalogue
  • Pricing updates
  • Product catalogues
  • GST auto-calculations
  • Institutional or counter sales
  • Components & service together
  • Categorised status reports
  • Stock & inventory
  • Damages, breakages and disposal
  • Multi-step notifications during repair
  • more...

Repair business was never this easy and fun. Keeping track of everything is so simple & beautiful that it just takes about 15 minutes for anyone to start using ToolBelt efficiently. Save time. Invest in your business.