Refund/Cancellation policy

Effective: 1-Jan-2016

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How can I cancel my account?

You can stop using the account or send a request to us in writing to revoke access of the account for all users authorised to use it. We may update this process in future at any time to a feature accessible from your account. At all times, cancelling the account will be same as not using it.

Will I recieve a refund if I stop using my account?

In most cases, not using your account before it expires, is your own choice. At any time before the expiry of the account, you can continue using it. You will not receive any money back at all whether or not you use the account. Your account will be accessible for the duration of the plan to the users who were allowed access to it.

For regions that require refunds

If you live in a region where we're legally required to issue a refund in the event that you stop using the account, you may be eligible for a refund. We will issue refunds as appropriate and applicable.

In these specific cases, we can only help with refunds if you follow these exact instructions:

  1. Send us a written request on email, unless you have already done so.
  2. Make sure to let us know in clearly understandable way that you live in a region that requires us to provide refunds.
  3. Specify which region that is.
  4. Seek our confirmation in writing.

Contacting us

Please also packl free to contact us if you have any questions about our Customer Terms of Service. You may contact us at [email protected] or at our mailing address below:

Sarvasv Technologies Private Limited
62, Rashi apartments
Sector 7, Pocket 3, Dwarka
New Delhi, 110075